Micro-precision parts reimagined.

We take the creation of micro-precision parts to unprecedented levels.

It all started in 1934. Taking advantage of technological innovations in filter plate technologies, Veco started its journey towards uncharted territories in electroforming and soon ventured into etching and laser cutting techniques.

We build on a highly-valued tradition. The tradition of producing screens and sieves goes back to ancient China. This eventually developed into an incredible, fast moving industry in which the limits of conventional metal machining processes are constantly being challenged. We play a vital role in this world by always pushing the boundaries further than anyone else could have ever imagined.

Veco is now the world leader in micro-precision metal parts. What we do now on a daily basis and on an industrial scale would have been considered impossible in the past.

'The best way to predict your future is to create it.'

- Abraham Lincoln



    Customers need industrial, cost-effective fabrication of micro-precision parts to further drive the miniaturization of their products.

    New products keep getting smaller.

      About Mission 4


      To transform a design challenge into a micro-precision part that goes beyond our customers’ imagination.

      We inspire designers and product developers to go further, push the boundaries and dare to innovate even more.

        About Higher Purpose 4

        Higher Purpose

        We make micro-precision parts that enhance everyday life.

        We are here to create enduring, reliable solutions on a micron level that can be applied on an industrial scale.

          Brand Values

          Our DNA. What guides our identity and behaviour.

          Values3 Creative


          We always find solutions

          当我们的客户有碰壁,我们can’t wait to climb over it and invite them to join us.

          Values3 Pioneering


          We will try new ways

          Just because no one else has done it, that doesn’t make it impossible. It’s up to us to create new ways.

          Values3 Committed


          We will make it happen

          When you’re changing the world, atom by atom, you need determination and belief in the outcome.

          Values3 Reliable


          Performance guaranteed

          The guaranteed performance of our micro-precision parts is impressive on multiple levels.

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