Quality assurance and business continuity

At Veco we are serious about quality, business continuity, and risk mitigation.

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Quality assurance

To always provide our customers with the best quality, Veco has been certified to the latest version of the ISO9001 quality management system. In practice, this means that during the whole production and inspection process, the products are traceable. The quality of our processes and products is continuously monitored by:


    Business continuity and risk mitigation

    There are many ways to reduce business continuity risks. A few years ago, Veco started a business-continuity- and risk-mitigation -program. It’s based on the integrated OHS&E-management system (at major hazard control level, ISO14001 and ISO 45001 certified). We are focusing on the most important areas: Fire Risk reduction, Purchase and data.

    Fire risk reduction

    • Our production area is fully sprinkled and detected (this is not a legal nor an insurance obligation).
    • Our emergency response team is certified and trained at least 12 times each year.
      The local fire-brigade is very aware of our specific production situation. An annual training together with the local fire-brigade(s) is scheduled annually. Wet benches are designed on a “semi-standard”
    • level.
    • Thermographic-scans和safeguard-controlare part of our preventive maintenance program. All maintenance is carried out after risk analysis by certified maintenance engineer. Our work permit system is coupled with our risk-assessments.

    Major hazard control

    Veco does fall under the “Seveso Directive” as the result of the usage of environmental hazardous chemicals. All hazards are identified as well as all critical lines of defense as a result of our risk-analysis.


    To identify the risks of our suppliers we use the “Kraljic-program”. Using this methodology we are able to mitigate the risks. For strategic suppliers we conclude contracts, and also perform audits at strategic suppliers in terms of business continuity.


    The accessibility of data is guaranteed: 2 fully compatible server systems are installed in separate buildings and/or stored in the cloud.

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