Quickly overcome your challenges with electroforming:

Growing innovation pressure

The trend in many industries is towards smaller, more complex and more reliable devices with higher levels of performance, shorter design cycles and lower costs. Get ahead of innovation pressure with electroforming.

Finding your go-to technology

Raise the bar on precision, tolerance, cost- effectiveness and the capability to withstand higher temperatures with electroforming. Discover why electroforming is your go-to technology for innovation of your company.

From prototype to high-precision metal

You need to accelerate lead time in every step of the process. From prototyping to high- precision metal, electroforming can get your products to the market faster and better.


What’s inside this whitepaper?

  • Electroforming: an additive manufacturing process
  • Key benefits of electroforming
  • Industry solutions: breakthroughs enabled with electroforming
  • Etching vs Electroforming: which one to choose?
  • About Veco: your innovation enabler

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Learn how to become an innovative force in your industry with electroforming