Dominate the electronics and semiconductor industry with first-to-market innovations

With ultra-precision manufacturing solutions — powered by exceptionally short lead & run times

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Staying competitive in a landscape of innovation

Semiconductor companies are under constant pressure to create components that are the next best thing. Staying competitive is challenging, because innovations succeed each other at a rapid rate: a chip or part that was state-of-the-art only a few months ago, may be significantly outperformed by the standard of today.

As a semiconductor manufacturer or designer, you aim to make your components increasingly smaller, durable, and powerful — while maintaining cost-efficient and sustainable production. And you need to move at a fast pace: exceptionally short lead and run times enable you to bring your innovations to the market first — a crucial aspect if you want to become or remain a market leader.

Micro-precision technologies for cutting-edge semiconductor components

Electroforming, chemical etching, and laser cutting are cost-effective technologies that help you create semiconductor components with superior precision features, ultra-fine tolerances, and great durability. The scalability of electroforming and chemical etching provides exceptionally short lead and run times — and allows you to move to industrial scale production in a highly efficient manner.

    Micro-precision solutions for Electronics & Semiconductor industry

    Ultra smooth and clean surface quality; burr and stress-free
    高精度、高lead density, ultra-fine tolerances
    高精度、高lead density, ultra-fine tolerances
    Customized solutions for complex features and complicated shapes
    In-house plating capability
    Exceptionally short lead & run times (deliveries in 3 weeks are possible)
    Co-development services to prototype your next semiconductor innovation

    Lead Frames

    Testing Contactors

    EMI/RFI Shieldings

    SMT Stencils

    Rework Stencils

    Multi-level Stencils

    Placement Footprints - Stencil Accessories

    Squeegee Blades - Stencil Accessories

    Stepped Hybrid Lids

    Washers, Shims, Spacers

    Shaver Foils

    Dominate the electronics and semiconductor industry with first-to-market innovations

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