Spray Nozzle Plates

Achieve ultimate spray control with Veco’s spray nozzle plates

Achieve ultimate spray control with Veco’s spray nozzle plates

Spray nozzle plates are widely used for precision jetting of various liquids and gases. Typical applications include nebulizer meshes, flow control discs, fuel injection nozzle plates, and apertures for fragrance bottles. For accurate dispensing and control, it is vital for the nozzle plates to be precise and reliable.

With electroforming, precision nozzle plates can be fabricated with hole features at the sub-micron level.

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Our Spray Nozzle Plate Solutions

As a world leading specialist in precision engineering with integrated capabilities of electroforming, photo etching, and laser cutting, Veco has been working with customers in a wide variety of industries developing and custom engineering high precision nozzle plates that help extend innovativeness and success beyond their competitors. Typical examples include fuel injector nozzle, medical nebulizer nozzle mesh, fragrance spray nozzle, waterjet nozzle.

Application Example Nebulizer Fuel Injector Fragrance
Material PdNi(88% Pd) Nickel Nickel
Thickness 62μm 110 μm 50 μm
Orifice Diameter 3-4 μm 250-360 μm 3.5-5.0 μm
Pitch 120 μm 250 μm 190 μm

Key Features


1. Orifice size as small as 2 μm

Variable hole configuration with orifice size as small as 2 μm.

2. Thick material possible

Process capability with thin as well as thick material

3. Bio-compatible

Bio-compatible materials suitable for medical, pharmaceutical, biotech, and other precision instrumentation applications

Achieve ultimate spray control with Veco’s spray nozzle plates

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