Manufacture your wafer probes and test contactors at industrial scale with Veco

Use Veco building blocks to produce your next generation MEMS wafer probe design

High performance wafer probes and test contactors for product testing

Wafer probes are used to determine the performance of electrical devices like integrated circuits and micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) sensors. For example, the probes are used in the semiconductor and automotive markets for pre-launch validation and production tests. With dimensions as small as a few micrometers, they can be cost-efficiently mass produced by Electroforming.

Our cost-effective wafer probe solutions

Veco is a leading producer of electroformed vertical probes with a highly stable contact resistance and excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics. Our state-of-the-art lithographic equipment allows for rapid, accurate, and economic tooling of thousands of probes in a single batch. Every single probe is carefully monitored to meet the most demanding quality standards and guarantee consistency of the products.

Key specifications

更高的比率方面使细间距nd further miniaturization
Low bend radius
Lower costs due to very large substrates
Smooth, fracture-free surface for enhanced reliability
Automated inspection
Material properties are adjusted to your specific needs
Economic and efficient tooling which enables lower probe costs and shorter lead time
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